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Product Name:


The main parameters:

Supply voltage:  3.0V-6.0V

Operating mode: Dual-channel touch controller

Unlimited dimming: duty cycle 0%-100% internal PoR (power on reset)

Output Load Carrying Capacity:

IOUT =100mA @6.0V
IOUT =77mA @5.0V
IOUT =43mA @4.0V

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QX6001 is a dual-channel condensor touch lamplight controller chip. The two channel outputs can be controlled by a single key touch.

The application circuit for QX6001 is simple. The periphery only requires two capacitors and a resistor to achieve the touch control function. It is easy to process, costs little and uses condenser sensing to control circuit isolation and achieve a touch control on/off switch, making it safe and reliable.

QX6001 not only has a simple on/off touch control switch, it also includes touch-controlled unlimited dimming, which can achieve anywhere from 0% to 100% duty cycle.

QX6001 can be combined with QX7135 and QX7137 to achieve LED constant-current driver.

QX6001 uses SOP8 packaging.


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