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Product Name:

LED 1.2V Chargeable Synchronous Solar Power Lawn Light Driver IC QX5259

The main parameters:


Ø  Operating Voltage: 0.9V~1.5V

Ø  Output Current: 3mA~100mA

Ø  Patented over-discharge  protection: shutdown without flicker

Ø  Integrated light control switch

Ø  Integrated Schottky Diode

Ø  High Efficiency

Ø  Low quiescent current: 17uA

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General Description

QX5259 is an ASIC for solar LED lawn lights.

The maximum drive efficiency can exceed 84%.

QX5259 has automatic charge characteristic.

QX5259 uses CMOS technology, therefore the power consumption is very small.

QX5259 uses patented technique to realize the LED lights shutdown without flicker when the battery voltage is low.

The operating voltage of QX5259 ranges from 0.9V to 1.5V, suitable for a single AA battery or a single Ni-H battery. 


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