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The main parameters:

Integrated high-Voltage Power Supply

Current-controlled preheating (preheat time and current adjustable)

Light power basically not affected by Supply Voltage change

Inductor current saturation protection during ignition 

Overheating protection

Condenser protection

Over-power protection

When the light tube reaches its lifetime, the system automatically shuts down

Switch frequency adjustable for different light tube adaptations

Integrated under voltage protecion

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QX2211/21 is a high-Voltage CFL control integrated circuit that uses a half-bridge structure. It is used for driving compact fluorescent lights. QX2211/21 offers a simple lighting plan for AC-Input Frequency of 220V and  fluorescent tubes of various power ranges.

QX2211/21 uses RMS current control. The chip's internal frequency changes through RMS calcuations, maintaining a constant RMS current value to ensure a constant light current and IC damage. The half-bridge fluorescent tube current can be set by Sense Resistor RCS.

QX2211/21 integrates multiple protection functions: the preheat function allows preheat time and current adjustment through preheat current control;  current saturation protection provides special protection during ignition to ensure the light's inductor is functioning under the Saturation Current value and the Rated Current of the Half-bridge power tube; under unusual conditions, the over-temperature protection and condenser protection functions will test the circuit to ensure that the system shuts off normally and that when the tube reaches its user's lifetime that it shuts off safely.


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