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The main parameters:

Internal power transistor

Current mode operation

Jitter frequency and burst mode function

External programmable PWM switch frequency

Internal slope compensation

OLP (overload protection)

OTP (over temperature protection)

OCP (overcurrent protection: cycle by cyle current-limiting)

VDD clamp protection

UVLO (under voltage lock-out) function

Adjustable base driver current

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QX1511 is a highly integrated, high performing, current mode PWM controller chip.

QX1511 includes an internal power transistor, which reduces the number of external elements and reduces cost.

During regular load, PWM switch frequency can be adjusted externally; during underloading or offload, QX1511 offers a pulse mode function; it has a comparatively low inrush and operating current, which is beneficial to the inrush circuit design. It also uses a large starting esistor that benefits the starting circuit design to lower standby power dissipation and increase conversion efficiency.It has an internal synchronous slope compensation circuit, which improves the system's large-signal reliability. The input feedback end contains leading-edge blanking circuit, which effectively eliminates the peak from the feedback signal and reduces the number of external elements of the switch power supply system, lowering overall cost. The interior also uses jitter frequency technology that improves audio frequency noise performance.

QX1511 offers various protection modes, including OCP (overcurrent protection), OLP (overload protection), OTP (over temperature protection), VDD clamp protection, UVLO (under voltage lock-out protection), etc.

QX1511 uses DIP8 packaging.


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