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High accuracy constant Voltage output control

Internal transistor driver circuit

Primary-side feedback mode

No optocoupler or TL431 required

Adjustable voltage output line loss compensation

Fixed switch frequency

Underloading lowers frequency

Fast starting response

Output short circuit protection

Voltage output overshoot protection

TO-94 packaging

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QX1504 is a controller used for single-stage isolated flyback AC/DC converters. The system operates in primary-side feedback control mode and does not require optocoupler or TL431. QX1504 contains a reliable internal transistor driver circuit that drives the transistor, lowering cost.

QX1504 obtains the size of the voltage output through the voltage transformer auxiliary winding. The chip's interior high accuracy standard reference voltage makes possible highly accurate voltage output. 

QX1504 contains an internal voltage output line loss compensation circuit, and can adapt to Vdc (direct current) output wires of varying lengths through adjustable parameters. 

QX1504 contains an internal fast response module, which responds immediately when the system starts.

QX1504 system integrates voltage output short circuit and overshoot protection to ensure the system's normal and reliable functioning.


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