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The main parameters:

Constant voltage output control: ±5% accuracy

High accuracy constant current output control

Primary-side feedback control, no optocoupler or TL431 required

Adjustable voltage output

Adjustable current output and load regulation

Internal soft-starter function

Adjustable line loss compensation

Internal current-limiting output control

Internal under voltage protection and over voltage clamp function

Internal over voltage protection module

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QX1502 is a high accuracy isolated flyback AC-DC controller, and is suitable for low-power chargers and adapters. It operates in primary-side feedback mode, and does not need an optocoupler or TL431. It can function in constant-current or constant-voltage mode through different application circuits.

In constant-current mode, current output is adjustable through the CS pin ground resistor; in constant-voltage mode, current voltage is adjustable through the transformer auxiliary winding output divider resistor. The chip's interior also contains voltage output line loss compensation circuit, so that the suitable line loss compensation can be reached through adjusting the divider resistance value.

QX1502 provides soft-starter and various other protections, including power tube current-limiting mode, power supply over voltage protection, power supply under voltage protection and power supply clamp circuit.

The system can obtain high accuracy constant voltage output and current output control through setting the appropriate parameters.


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