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Internal MOS Buck High-power LED Constant-Current Driver QX9921/QX9924

The main parameters:



QX9921/24 is a high-power, reliable, high-light-intensity LED light constant-current driver controller chip. It has an internal high-accuracy comparator, fixed off-time control circuit, constant-current driver circuit, etc. It is suitable for the constant-current drivers of multiple high-power, light-intensive LED light strings.

QX9921/24 uses a fixed off-time peak current control method, of which maximum operating frequency reaches up to 1MHz. Furthermore, external inductors and filter capacitors allow for volume reduction, increase in efficiency, and saves PCB area. The fixed off-time can be adjusted through the external capacitor. In addition, the operating frequency can be adjusted according to clients' needs. Adding PWM signal at the EN pin allows for the adjustment of the LED light's intensity.

QX9921/24 sets the current that passes through the LED light through the resistance of the external current-sensing resistor. It supports additional voltage linear dimming: the current that passes through the LED light can be set anywhere from 20mA to 2.5 A.

QX9921/24 uses ESOP8 packaging and its heat sink contains an internal SW pin.

Typical Application Circuit Diagram:

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Main Characteristics

◆  Internal 100V power tube

◆  Wide voltage input range:5V~100V
◆ High efficiency: up to 92%
◆  Maximum operating frequency:1MHz
◆  Peak current sampling voltage:250mV
◆  Adjustable light intensity: EN pin of PWM dimming and DIM pin of linear dimming
◆  Adjustable off-time
◆  Internal current sampling leading edge blanking circuit


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