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QX5246F High-Tech Current-Sensing High-Intensity LED Driver

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QX5246F is a buck, constant-current, high-efficiency high-intensity LED driver.

QX5246F is very suitable for applications with a wide input voltage range (5.5V - 36V). QX5246F has a high rejection ratio for input voltage.

QX5246F uses an internal power switch tube of low on-state resistance, simplifying the chip's external circuit so that only minimal external components are needed to achieve buck constant-current driving function, and can also achieve dimming through the DIM pin.

QX5246F uses an external resistor to set current output and contains an internal power MOS tube. Its advanced current-sensing can achieve a ±4% current accuracy.

Because of the usage of a hysteresis control method, QX5246F has a fast load transient response. Its highest operating frequency can reach up to 1 MHz.

QX5246F uses ESOP8 packaging.

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Internal 40V, 5A power MOS

Current accuracy: ±4%

Advanced current sensing, constant-current output

Dim control (highest dim control frequency: 5KHz)

Hysteresis control: no need for compensation

Highest operating frequency: 1MHz

5V, 2mA on-chip voltage regulator

ESOP8 packaging


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