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QX5306 Boost High-power LED Constant-current Driver

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QX5306 is a high-power, high-accuracy boost LED-light constant-current driver chip.

QX5306 includes an internal high accuracy error amplifier, fixed off-time control circuit, constant-current driver circuit, etc. It is suitable for high power and high intensity LED light strings constant-current drivers.

QX5306 can control the driver current of high intensity LED lights through adjusting an external current sampling resistor for the LED light to achieve the desired constant brightness. LED light dimming can be achieved through adding PWM signal to the DIM end pin.

QX5306 uses a fixed off-time control method, of which the off time can be set through an external resistor. It also uses internal compensation techniques, eliminating  the need for an external compensation capacitor. Finally, it includes an internal over-(output-)-voltage protection function, of which the over-voltage cut-off limits can be set through the external resistor.

QX5306 uses SOP8 packaging.

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Wide input voltage range: 7V-24V

High efficiency: up to 95%

CS current-limiting protection voltage: 500mV

FB current sampling voltage: 250mV

Chip-powered under-voltage protection: 5.8V

Off-time adjustable

Internal compensation technology

Internal output OVP function


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