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The main parameters:

High efficiency: up to 96%

Low quiescent current:20μA

Output current:up to 600mA

Voltage input range:2.5V - 5.5V

Fixed operating frequency:1.4MHz

No need for Schottky diode

LDO operable:100% duty cycle

Reference voltage:0.6V

Excellent linear and transient response in current mode

Internal over-temperature protection

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QX3406 是一款高效率、工作频率高、 噪声低的同步降压型 DC/DC 稳压器,适 用于单个锂电池电源的应用。 2.5V到5.5V输入电压范围使QX3406 能真正适用于单个锂电池电源的应用,输 出电压可在 5.5V 至 0.6V 的范围内进行调 节。 工作电流仅 20μA,关断时低至 1μ A。100%占空比提供 LDO 操作,更能延 长便携式系统锂电池的寿命。 由于内部开关频率采用 1.4MHz 的高 频工作频率,使它外接的电感电容可使用 极小的贴片电感和电容。 内部采用同步开关,提高了频率,无 需外加肖特基二极管。 QX3406 采用极小的 SOT-23-5 封装。

QX3406 is a high-efficiency, low-noise synchronous buck DC/DC voltage stabilizer with a high operating frequency. It is suitable for the application of single-cell lithium batteries. A voltage input range of 2.5V - 5.5 V allows QX3406 to be truly suitable for single-cell lithium batteries. The voltage output is adjustable in the range of 0.6V to 5.5V.  The operating current is only 20μA, and is as low as 1μA when it is shut down. A 100% duty cycle provides LDO operation, which lengthens the lifetime of the portable system's single cell lithium battery. The high operating frequency of 1.4MHz of the internal switch frequency allows for the small size of the external inductor and capacitor. The interior uses a synchronous MOS, which increases the frequency and eliminates the need for a Schottky diode. QXX3406 uses the small SOT-23-5 packaging.


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