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The main parameters:

Internal 2A 600V MOS tube
Advanced current sensing
LED average current mode control:current maintained constant

LED current output accuracy:highest achievable ±3%

High efficiency:Maximum >93%

Fixed operating frequency, current mode PWM controlled

Jitter frequency function
Internal loop and slope compensation
LED open circuit/short circuit protection
Chip powered under voltage/over voltage protection

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QX6108 is a high-accuracy, high-power buck constant-current LED driver chip that comes with an internal MOS tube. It is a low-power LED constant-current driver power supply that is suitable for AC (alternating current) and a full input range of 85V - 265V.

QX6108 uses a patent advanced current-sensing, fixed-frequency, current mode PWM control method, and possesses an excellent linear adjustment rate and load regulation. The LED input current accuracy is within ±1% and the inter-slice consistency within ±3%. The chip’s typical operating frequency is around 65 KHz. Furthermore, the integrated frequency jitter function of the chip lowers EMI cost. In addition, the internal loop compensation and slope compensation eliminates the need for external compensation, simplifying the design.

Finally, QX6108 provides multiple protection functions, including cycle-by-cycle protection, LED open circuit, short circuit protection, input power supply under voltage shutdown, power supply clamps, etc.


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