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The main parameters:

Maximum efficiency:92% 
Maximum operating frequency:300 KHz 
Low quiescent current:13uA 
Selectable voltage output:1.9V3.3V 
Output accuracy:±2.5% 
Low pick-up voltage:0.65V

Low ripple, low noise

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QX2306 is a high-efficiency, low-power-spending, low-ripple, high-operating-frequency PFM constant voltage output with synchronous boost DC/DC converter. It only requires 3 peripheral components to accomplish the low input battery voltage change to the desired voltage. The voltage output for QX2306 is internally adjustable by selecting values in increments of 0.1V, which is convenient for the customer's varying input/output/load needs. The system voltage output produces low ripple and low noise. It has an internal synchronous MOS tube, which decreases the damage to the MOS tube considerably, and allows the efficiency to reach up to 92%. QX2306 works in PFM mode, effectively lowering damage during underload mode, increasing the equipment's durability. The low quiescent current of the chip further lowers system damage.


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