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<!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø  <!--[endif]-->High Efficiency: Up to 95%

<!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø  <!--[endif]-->300KHz Maximum Operating Frequency

<!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø  <!--[endif]-->Low static current: 15uA

<!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø  <!--[endif]-->Output Voltage can be set: 2.5V~3.6V

<!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø  <!--[endif]-->Output Voltage Accuracy: ±2.5%

<!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø  <!--[endif]-->Wide Input Voltage Range: 0.9V~3.6V

<!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø  <!--[endif]-->Low Ripple and Low Noise

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The QX2304 Series are synchronous PFM step-up DC-DC converters with very low ripple noise due to the high operating frequency, and the maximum operating frequency is 300KHz .

The output voltages of The QX2304 Series can be programmable from 2.5V to 3.6V in 0.1V steps.

QX2304 has high efficiency up to 95%.

An enable pin (EN) is provided so that the circuit can be powered down.

Only three components are required to realize the voltage step-up conversion.


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